What could you achieve today if you were to consistently operate at your peak? And continue each day to learn and develop from there?

Whatever your circumstances, you are at the centre of a process of self-awareness and personal development from which you can actualise your full potential. And when you excel in life, you have more capacity to benefit those around you, and the world.

The world needs your talent, but there are many obstacles, both internal and external, that must first be overcome. With the right knowledge, obstacles are no longer barriers, but gateways for transformation.

We will never fully know ourselves and of what we are capable unless we make the unstoppable determination to become our best selves by actualising our full potential for the benefit of all, starting right now.

We have so much potential. How can we access it? How can we apply it in beneficial ways?

It is my mission to lead people towards their best selves through research and communication that inspires and instructs in personal, professional, and cultural development.

I am a Doctor of Philosophy in English, with over two decades of experience in personal, professional, and cultural development. I communicate knowledge, tools, and mindsets for actualising individual potential.

My research explores the value of English as a broad discipline[1] for professional self-development. English, taught and learnt in an authentic manner, leads to greater self-awareness and professional development because it facilitates analytical and creative thinking, excellent written and oral communication skills, an understanding of oneself and others, and a sense of historical and cultural perspective. It provides immensely valuable skills and knowledge for success in the world. <Read more>


[1] By broad discipline, I refer to English as a language but also as the culture, history, and knowledge that have grown with the language. English, while originating in England (or earlier in Germania), is no longer limited to this region of the Earth. There are many influences historically and presently into and from English in relation to other cultures and languages. This mixing ensures a variety of developments of English around the world. The discipline of English is not unique in facilitating self-awareness and professional development, although it is particularly useful for such within the English-speaking world. Other cultures and languages may equally be recognised as facilitating such in ways similar to that which I articulate here.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

Leonardo da Vinci
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